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Testosterone Cream For Your Balls? Is It A Superior Alternative To Injections?

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Have you been skeptical of testosterone creams?  Were they never your top choice?  Have you thought they have historically been ineffective?

Well, you MAY have been right.  Traditionally, the concentrations of transdermal testosterone were too low, and it was difficult to control the delivery of the dosage; not to mention poor absorption of testosterone via skin due to sweat glands, location of the application, and other factors.

Transdermal testosterone had been used for years to treat patients with low testosterone symptoms. Most transdermal testosterone is prescribed in a gel form and is applied to the upper arms and shoulders.  When prescribed in a cream form with the appropriate base compound, transdermal testosterone can be applied to the scrotum.  Scrotal skin is thin and has high steroid permeability.  It is extremely important to avoid using a cream or gel with alcohol as alcohol is harmful for scrotal skin health.

The literature and highly trained physicians with clinical experience have proven that trans-scrotal testosterone cream is a highly effective delivery method of testosterone.

The Andrology Department at Concord Hospital and ANZAC Research Institute did a study on testosterone cream applied to scrotal skin, and in their research they indicated that testosterone via transdermal delivery is an excellent method to achieve therapeutic concentrations of testosterone. Most importantly, the patient’s symptoms resolved without side effects. They noted that the bioavailability of testosterone via the scrotal skin is strikingly higher than other application areas using the same testosterone cream and in this study they observed about an EIGHTFOLD increase in testosterone bioavailability.

Testosterone Injections vs Testosterone Cream?

For one, it’s certainly less invasive as you don’t have to spend the rest of your life injecting yourself, thereby lessening scar tissue formation.  Anybody looking for a faster and completely pain-free experience with testosterone optimization therapy should consider it.

The cream also offers a slightly better increase in dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels; therefore enhancing erectile strength and overall sexual functioning. As DHT is crucial to a man’s libido, it makes sense that the trans-scrotal cream has an edge over intramuscular injections. The increase in DHT and potentially PSA is transient at best (and why it’s critically important you work with a doctor who is an expert at using transdermal delivery systems in their practice).

The daily use of cream is a great protocol for mimicking endogenous production of testosterone; keeping your testosterone level fluctuation to a minimum. 

The only real downside with the trans-scrotal cream is the possibility of wiping it off on someone else by accident.

You will have to avoid certain activities for up to 90 minutes for maximum absorption of testosterone to take place (sex, working out, and showering).

Aside from these primary differentiators, the creams and injections provide very similar results under the guidance of a progressive-minded physician.  You will end up getting the same physiological benefits with either method: muscle mass gain, cognitive enhancement, greater energy levels, and endurance.

At the end of the day whatever treatment the patient will be the most compliant with should be the delivery method of choice.  Either way of administering therapeutic testosterone can help you optimize your testosterone and estrogen levels when used properly.  It is important for patients to realize that hormone optimization is not a one size fits all approach and there are several great options for them.