How Does Our Treatment Work

When it comes to your health, communication is key. We like to ensure that our clients always understand our process and what steps we are taking to get you back to being you. A health plan with Victory Men's Health Clinic will consist of a couple of key steps.



Testosterone injections are given either subcutaneously or intramuscular. The frequency of when they are injected is customized to the individual patient. Follow-up labs will be drawn 90 days after your initial injection.



Testosterone cream is applied daily to an area of the skin directed by the physician. Follow-up labs will be drawn 90 days after your initial application.


Testosterone pellets are bio-identical that are inserted under the skin in the buttock area with a simple and quick in-office procedure. The pellets release testosterone for 4-6 months. Follow-up labs will be redrawn at 4 weeks and at 4 months after pellet insertion.


Oral testosterone is not a treatment option as some evidence has shown that oral testosterone may cause damage to the liver.


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Your first visit is $99, this fee includes a confidential consultation with one of our medical providers, PSA testing, testosterone assessment, body composition analysis, and a customized "test dose" of our proven medication if needed. HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA (Flexible Spending Account), and Care Credit cards are accepted!