Hair Science Formula 82S

Formula 82S is a 2-in-1 (shampoo + conditioner) designed to aid in the prevention of hair loss, strengthen hair fibers and restore soft, natural texture to damaged hair. Its formulation is 100% natural, and contains eco-certified cleansers as well as the active ingredient Saw Palmetto—a natural botanically derived 5-alpha reductase inhibitor shown in studies to help reduce DHT production, a leading cause of hair loss. 82S helps new hair grow stronger and existing hair recover its vitality due to a highly effective blend of natural extracts, amino acids and vitamins.

  • SAW PALMETTO (SERENOA REPENS): A contributing factor in Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is the conversion of Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) via the enzyme 5-a Reductase (5AR). Serenoa Repens is a botanically-derived 5AR inhibitor that has been shown in studies to have a positive effect in reducing hair loss.
  • BABASSU OIL (NATURALLY OCCURRING FATTY ACID): Eco-certified, plant-derived oil with cleansing and foaming properties. Conditions and repairs.
  • PANTHENOL (PROVITAMIN 5): Readily binds to the hair shaft, assisting hair in increasing and retaining its natural moisture. Helps fortify collagen in hair, promoting elasticity and hair strength.
  • PHYTOKERATINE (THERMAL PROTECTANT): Prevents damage from daily sources of heat and UV, and reduces the prevalence of Trichoptilosis (split ends) in hair. Returns strength and vitality to damaged hair.
  • BIOTIN (WATER SOLUBLE B-VITAMIN): A vital substance for hair health. Stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of Keratinocytes, and improves hair’s natural barrier function by promoting the formation of intercellular lipids and reducing transepidermal water loss.
Price: $34.00

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